A never-fading beauty!

(Thomas Watson, "The Loveliness of Christ")

Here is comfort to those who are by faith, married
to Christ. This is their glorious privilege—Christ's
beauty and loveliness shall be put upon them!
is the apex and crown of honor—the saints shall not
only behold Christ's glory—but be transformed into
it! "We shall be like Him!" 1 John 3:2. That is, we
shall be irradiated and enameled with His glory!

Moses married a black woman—but he could not
make her complexion white. But whoever Christ
marries—He alters their complexion! He makes
them altogether lovely!

Other beauty causes pride—but no such worm   
breeds in heaven. The saints in glory shall admire
their own beauty—but not become proud of it.

Other beauty is soon lost. The eye weeps to see its
furrowed brows, and the cheeks blush at their own
paleness; but this is a never-fading beauty! Age
cannot wither it; it retains its luster to all eternity!

Think of this, O you saints, who mourn now for
your sins and bewail your spiritual deformities!
Remember, by virtue of your union with Christ,
you shall be glorious creatures! Then shall you
be brought unto the King in glorious raiment—
and you shall hear Christ pronounce that blessed
word, "You are all beautiful, My love—there is no
spot in you!"
Song of Solomon 4:7