A tear dropping from the eye of faith

(Thomas Watson, "The Beatitudes" 1660)

"Blessed are those who mourn." Matthew 5:8

It is a sign that the Sun of Righteousness has risen
upon us, when our frozen hearts thaw and melt for sin.
Weeping for sin is a sign of the new birth. As soon as
the child is born—it weeps. Mourning shows a 'heart
of flesh' (Ezekiel 36:26). A stone will not melt. When
the heart is in a melting frame—it is a sign the heart
of stone is taken away.

"Let your tears flow like a river. Give yourselves no
 rest from weeping day or night." Lament. 2:18

Tears for sin, are blessed tears.

Tears poison our corruptions. Salt-water kills worms.
Just so, the brinish water of repenting tears will help to
kill that worm of sin which would gnaw the conscience.

Mourning also fences us against the devil's temptations.
Temptations are called 'fiery darts' (Ephesians 6:16),
because indeed they set the soul on fire. Temptations
enrage anger, and inflame lust. Now the waters of holy
mourning, quench these fiery darts! Wet gunpowder will
not easily catch fire. Just so, when the heart is wetted
and moistened with sorrow—it will not so easily catch
the fire of temptation.

Penitential tears are precious. Tears dropping from a
mournful, penitent eye, are like water dropping from
the roses—very sweet and precious to God. A fountain
in the garden makes it pleasant. That heart is most
delightful to God—which has a fountain of sorrow
running in it. 'Mary stood at Christ's feet weeping'
(Luke 7:38). Her tears were more fragrant than her
ointment. The incense, when it is broken, smells
sweetest. When the heart is broken for sin, then
our services give forth their sweetest perfume.

Surely, God delights much in tears—else He would
not keep a bottle for them. "You keep track of all
my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your
bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book."
Psalm 56:8. Tears are powerful orators for God's
mercy. Tears melt the heart of God. When a man
comes weeping in prayer and smites on his breast,
saying, "God be merciful to me a sinner!"—this melts
God's heart towards him. Tears, though they are
silent—yet have a voice, "The Lord has heard the
voice of my weeping!"
(Psalm 6:8). Tears in the
child's eye sometimes move the angry father to
spare the child. Penitential tears melt God's heart
and bind His hand. Tears have a mighty influence
upon God.

Repentant tears are sweet. Mourning is the way to
solid joy. A Christian thinks himself sometimes in the
suburbs of heaven—when he can weep. Sugar when
it melts is sweetest. When a Christian melts in tears,
now he has the sweetest joy. When the daughter of
Pharaoh descended into the river—she found a babe
there among the reeds. Just so, when we descend into
the river of repenting tears—we find the babe Jesus
there, who shall wipe away all tears from our eyes.

Tears water our graces and make them flourish. Where
the springs of sorrow run—there the heart bears a fruitful
crop. The tender-eyed Christian usually brings forth more
of the fruit of the Spirit. A weeping eye is the water-pot
to water our graces!

If there is so much profit and benefit in gospel-sorrow,
then let every Christian wash his face every morning in
the laver of tears.

Our mourning for sin here—will prevent mourning in hell.
Hell is a place of weeping (Matthew 8:12). The damned
mingle their drink with weeping. God is said to have His
bottle for our tears. Those who will not shed a bottle-full
of tears—shall hereafter shed rivers of tears. "Woe to you
who laugh now—for you shall mourn and weep!" (Luke 6:
25). You have sometimes seen sugar lying in a damp
place, dissolve into water. Just so, all the sugared joys
of the wicked, dissolve at last into the water of tears!

There is but one way to blessedness, and that is through
the valley of tears. If you do not go this way, you will miss
Paradise. "I tell you, unless you repent, you shall all likewise
perish"' (Luke 13:3). There is only one way leading to heaven,
and that is a tear dropping from the eye of faith. A man
may have a disease in his body, which twenty medicines will
heal. But only the medicine of repentance, will heal the
mortal disease of sin.

Think what a sinner you have been. You have filled God's
book with your debts—and what need you have to fill His
bottle with your tears!

He who weeps here is a blessed mourner. He who weeps
in hell is a cursed mourner. If God's bottle is not filled
with tears—His vial will be filled with wrath!

Repentant tears are but finite. It is but a short time that we
shall weep. After a few showers fall from our eyes, we shall
have a perpetual sunshine. "God shall wipe away all tears!"
(Revelation 7:17). When sin shall cease—tears shall cease!
"Weeping may endure for a night—but joy comes in the
morning!" (Psalm 30:5)