Be acquainted with the whole range of sensual desires

(Richard Baxter, "The Sinfulness of Flesh-Pleasing")

Be acquainted with the whole range of sensual desires
, and
pay attention to them, and watch them in all their extravagances.
Otherwise, while you are stopping one gap, they will be running
out at many more. I will here briefly set some before your eyes:

1. Watch your appetites as to food and drink—both quantity
and quality. Gluttony is a common sin. The flesh enslaves men
most—by the appetite; as we see in drunkards and gluttons.

2. Take heed of the lust of uncleanness, and all degrees of it, and
approaches to it; especially immodest embraces and behavior.

3. Take heed of ribald, filthy talk, and love songs, and of such
sensuous snares.

4. Take heed of too much sleep and idleness.

5. Take heed of taking too much delight in your riches
and lands, your buildings, and delectable conveniences.

6. Take heed lest honors, or worldly greatness, or men's
applause—become too great a pleasure to you.

7. And take heed lest the success and prosperity of your
affairs do too much please you—as the rich fool, "And I'll
say to myself—You have plenty of good things laid up for
many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry."
Luke 12:19

8. Take
heed of an inordinate pleasure in your children,
relations, or nearest friends.

9. Take heed of a delight in vain, unprofitable, sinful company.

10. Take heed of fineness of apparel—to set you out to
the eyes of others.

11. Take heed of a delight in romances, novels, useless
news—which corrupt the mind, and waste your time.

12. Take heed of a delight in any recreations which are
excessive, needless, devouring time, discomposing the
mind, enticing to further sin, hindering any duty—especially
our delight in God. They are miserable souls, who delight
themselves in such unprofitable things—as cards, and dice,
and theaters, and immodest dancing.