A rod of love to whip you!

(William Mason, "The One Thing Needful to Make
Poor Sinners Rich—and Miserable Sinners Happy

"The one who will not use the rod hates his son, but the
 one who loves him disciplines him diligently." Prov. 13:24

There are certain plants which grow in the Red Sea,
which, though they are covered with water, and beat
upon by the waves—they stand like an immovable rock.
They are bettered by the roughness of the sea.

Just so, a Christian planted in the Red Sea of Christ's
blood—is armored against all waves of trouble. He is
improved by afflictions; yes, the more he is beat
upon, and though overwhelmed with the billows of
distress and trouble—the better he thrives, and the
more his soul flourishes in spiritual grace! For this is
the loving design of our Lord in all our troubles and
afflictions—to wean us from the world, and to endear
Himself to us! Every affliction has its commission from
Him. It comes with the impress of His love upon it.

I have often found by experience, and confessed
with joy—that a sick bed has proved like a hotbed
to my soul. It has drawn up warm desires, and longing
affections to Christ. And I have sweetly found the Sun
of Righteousness arising upon me—reviving, cheering
and comforting my soul.

It is your wisdom to see the rod of chastisement, in
the hand of your loving heavenly Father. All your
afflictions are chastenings from the Lord—they are
all sent in love! He deals with you as with a son in
whom He delights, and whom He designs to profit.
He does not punish you with vindictive wrath—He
is not taking vengeance of you for your sins. Your
Father is not so much punishing you for your sins,
as from your sins. That is, in all His chastisements,
He intends your spiritual good . . .
  that you should be more a partaker of His holiness;
  that sin may be more exceedingly sinful;
  that you should more humble and vile in your own eyes,
  that Jesus should be more inestimably precious to you.

All affliction is a rod of love to whip you from the
world, self, and sin—into Christ, that you should more
love and enjoy Him, who is your righteousness, life
and salvation!