We must fly to God!

(Thomas Watson, "His Heart is Fixed")

"Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies.
 I will fly to You
to hide me." Ps. 143:9

Faith is the heart-strengthening grace. If we
trust in God aright, then, in all our danger—
we will fly to God.

There are some who, when trouble arises—fly
to their own wisdom and ability. Alas! Whatever
else we trust besides God, will never shelter us
in an hour of danger.

There is no trusting in riches. Proverbs 23:5,
"Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone,
for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to
the sky like an eagle."

There is no trusting in friends; they may die,
or, which is worse, they may deceive. Our Lord
Jesus was betrayed by a friend.

There is no trusting in great men. "It is better
to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in
princes." Psalm 118:9.

There is no trusting in our own hearts. Why,
alas! the heart is full of lust, full of deceit! It
is a bosom traitor! "He who trusts in his own
heart is a fool!" Proverbs 28:26

Oh! We must fly to God! My brethren, trust in
God! He alone, is a never-failing refuge. A little
boat, while it is tied fast to a large rock—is very
safe. So, when the soul is tied by faith to Christ
Jesus, the Rock of Ages—then it is safe. "My God
is the Rock of my refuge." Psalm 46:11

Faith shores up the heart when it is likely to sink.
Oh! Get this heart-fixing grace of faith. Thus you
will be undaunted even in the worst of times and

When Satan shoots his fiery darts of temptation,
then we must fly under Christ's wing to shelter us!

When a hawk pursues the dove, it casts itself into
the clefts of the rock—and there it hides. So, when
Satan pursues us with temptation, we get into the
bleeding wounds of Christ, these clefts of the Rock
—and there we rest and are safe.

"Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies.
 I will fly to You
to hide me." Ps. 143:9

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