A beast with a man's head!

(Thomas Watson, "A Divine Cordial" 1663)

Love to God is an expansion of soul, or the inflaming
of the affections—by which a Christian breathes after
God as the supreme and sovereign good.

"There is nothing on earth that I desire beside You."
Psalm 73:25. The Christian loves God above all other
objects. God is the quintessence of all good things;
He is superlatively good. The soul admiring in Him
that constellation of all excellencies—is carried out
in love to Him in the highest degree. God, who is
the chief of our happiness—must have the chief of
our affections. The creature may have the milk of
our love—but God must have the cream! Though
some drops of love may run to our kindred and
friends—yet the full torrent must run out after
Christ. Relations may lie on the bosom—but
Christ must lie in the heart!

We set a high value upon God as being the most sublime
and infinite good. We so esteem God, as that if we have
Him—we do not care though we lack all other things. The
vanish, when the sun appears. All creatures vanish
in our thoughts, when the Sun of righteousness shines in
His full splendor. The soul that loves God, rejoices in Him
as in his treasure—and rests in Him as his center. The
heart is so set upon God—that it desires no more.

We must love God more for what He is (His intrinsic
excellencies)—than for what He bestows. True love is
not mercenary. You need not hire a mother to love her
child. Just so, a soul deeply in love with God needs not
be hired by rewards. It cannot but love Him—for that
luster of beauty which sparkles forth in Him!

"And we know that all things work together for
 good to those who love God." Romans 8:28

Despisers and haters of God—have no lot or part
in this privilege. It is children's bread—it belongs
only to those who love God.

This is a sharp reproof to those who do not love God,
to such as have not a grain of love to God in their
hearts—and are there such reprobates alive? He who
does not love God—is a beast with a man's head!
Oh wretch! Do you live upon God's bounty every day
—yet not love Him! These are monsters in nature—
devils in the shape of men! Let them read their doom:
"If anyone does not love the Lord, that person is
cursed!" 1 Corinthians 16:22

How can he expect love from God—who shows no
love to Him? Will God ever lay such a viper in His
bosom—as casts forth the poison of malice and
enmity against Him?

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