God is either blind or forgetful

(Thomas Watson, "The Lord's Prayer")

"Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven,
 whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose
 sin the Lord does not count against him."
    Psalm 32:1-2

All the curses of God stand in full force against
an unpardoned sinner
. It is astonishing, that an
unpardoned man could be merry, who is heir to
all God's curses!

Luther professed there were three things
which he dared not think of, without Christ:
  his sins,
  the day of judgment.

Death to a Christless soul, is the "king of terrors."
Death is sent to the unpardoned soul with dreadful
tidings. Death is God's jailer to arrest him. Death
is a prologue to damnation. It takes away all earthly
comforts; it takes away sugared morsels; no more
mirth or music. "The music of harpists and musicians,
flute players and trumpeters, will never be heard in
you again." Rev 18:22. The sinner shall never more
taste of luscious delights, for all eternity; his honey
shall be turned into the "gall of asps." Job 20:14.

The sinner dying unpardoned, must go into damnation!
This is the second death—an undying death. He must
forever bear the anger of a sin-revenging God. As long
as God is God—so long the vial of His wrath shall be
dropping upon the damned soul.

Oh! how sad, then, is it to live and die unpardoned!
You may lay a grave-stone upon that man, and write
this epitaph upon it, "It would have been good for that
man—if he had never been born!" He will be engulfed
in a dreadful a labyrinth of fire and brimstone for all

Now, if the misery of an unpardoned state is so
inexpressible—what is the reason why so few seek
after pardon? If they lack health—they go to the
physician; but if they lack forgiveness of sin, they
seem to be unconcerned, and do not seek after it.

Why is this?

Men do not seek earnestly after forgiveness of sin,
for lack of conviction. Few are convinced what a
dreadful thing sin is—that it is distillation of all evil,
that it brings all plagues on the body, and curses
on the soul. Unless a man's sins are forgiven, there
is not the vilest creature alive—the rat, serpent or
toad, which is in a worse condition than the sinner!
For when they die they go but into the earth; but
he, dying without pardon, goes into hell torments
forever! Men are not convinced of this—so they
play with the viper of sin!

Men do not seek earnestly after forgiveness of sin,
because they are seeking other things. They seek
the world immoderately. The world is a golden snare.
"The riches of the world, are the snares of the devil."
The wedge of gold hinders many from seeking after

Men do not seek earnestly after forgiveness of sin,
out of hope of impunity. They flatter themselves in
sin, and because they have been spared so long,
therefore think God never intends to reckon with
them. "He has said in his heart—God has forgotten;
He hides His face and will never see it." Psalm 10:11.
They think that God is either blind or forgetful.
But let sinners know—that long forbearance is not
forgiveness. God bore with Sodom a long time, but
at last rained down fire and brimstone upon them.
The adjourning of the court, does not acquit the
prisoner. The longer God is taking the blow—the
heavier it will be at last, if sinners repent not!