He welcomes them to hell

(Thomas Watson, "The Lord's Prayer")

"The prince of this world." John 16:11

The devil has a kingdom. His throne is set up in
the hearts of men. Satan does not care for their
—but their hearts! Satan's empire is very
large. Most people in the world pay tribute to him.

His kingdom has two characters:

[1] Satan's kingdom is a kingdom of IMPIETY.
Nothing but sin goes on in his kingdom. Murder
and heresy, lust and treachery, oppression and
division—are the constant trade driven in his
dominions. He is called "the unclean spirit."
Nothing else but iniquity is propagated in
his kingdom.

[2] Satan's kingdom is a kingdom of SLAVERY.
He makes all his subjects—slaves. The sinner is
held captive under the grim tyranny of the devil!

Satan is a tyrant—and a worse tyrant than any
other! Other tyrants do but rule over the body:
but Satan rules over the soul! He rides his
captives—as we ride upon horses.

Other tyrants have some pity on their slaves.
Though they make them work in the galleys;
yet they give them food, and let them have
their hours for rest. But Satan is a merciless
tyrant—who gives his slaves poison instead of
food, and hurtful lusts to feed on! 1 Tim 6:9.
Nor will he let his slaves have any rest—he
wearies them out to do his drudgery. "They
weary themselves to commit iniquity." Jer 9:5.
When men have served him to their utmost
strength—he welcomes them to hell with fire
and brimstone! Thus he is the worst of tyrants.

Men are willing slaves to Satan! They will fight
and die for him! Therefore he is not only called
"the prince of this world," but "the god of this
world" (2 Cor 4:4), to show what power he has
over men's souls.

O let us pray that "they may come to their senses
and escape the Devil's trap, having been captured
by him to do his will." 2 Timothy 2:26