Many dig their graves, with their teeth!

(Thomas Watson, "The Duty of Self-Denial" 1675)

More are hurt by excess in lawful things—than by
meddling with sinful things. More are killed by wine
—than by poison. Many make their belly their god,
Philippians 3:19. And to this god, they pour their
drink offerings!

One writes of a fish whose heart is in his belly.
This is an emblem of epicures—whose heart is
in their belly; they are devoted to their appetite.
Excess in food or drink—
  clouds the mind,
  chokes holy affections,
  provokes lust, and
  shortens life!

Many dig their graves, with their teeth!

Seneca could say he was born to higher things—than to
be a slave to his body. What a shame is it—that the soul,
that princely part, which sways the scepter of reason,
should be enslaved to the brutish part! What has God
given conscience for—but to be a golden bridle to check
the inordinacy of the appetite! Deny the sinful cravings
of the flesh!

"I beat my body and make it my slave." 1 Cor. 9:27