It will not matter a single straw!

(John MacDuff, "The Christian's Pathway" 1858)

"We labor, that we may be accepted of Him." 2 Corinthians 5:9

Reader, it will matter but little what you may possess—if you live and
die destitute of this great blessing! Were you to attain everything that
mankind regard as enviable; were all the treasures of the globe to be
heaped upon you; were you endowed with all knowledge, so that the
wisest sages would think it an honor to sit at your feet; were the most
magnificent titles to be conferred upon you, and your fame to ring to
earth's remotest bounds; were you raised to the heights of universal
, having all the nations of the world as your willing subjects; in
a word, had you all that the most unbounded ambition in her loftiest
heights and most extravagant wishes ever panted after—what would
the whole be if, instead of being accepted of God, you were disowned
and rejected by Him, and exposed to His everlasting wrath!

But, enjoying His favor, which is life; and His loving-kindness, which
is better than life—it matters but little whether we are rich—or poor;
whether the sun of prosperity shines—or the clouds of adversity lower;
whether we are reveling in health—or stretched upon beds of languishing;
whether we are toiling as slaves—or wearing crowns and diadems. After
a few more rising and setting suns—
it will not matter a single
—what our earthly lot may have been! The only matter of
importance then—will be whether we have been accepted of God.