Communion with God

(Thomas Brooks, "Hypocrites Detected, Anatomized,
 Impeached, Arraigned and Condemned" 1650)

Communion with God is . . .
  the life of all your graces;
  the sweetener of all providences and mercies;
  the strengthener of your hearts and hands;
  the soul of your comforts;
  the crown of your souls.

Nothing can compare with communion with God--
  to fence you against temptations,
  to sweeten all afflictions, and
  to make you own God, and stand for God,
and cleave to God--in the face of all troubles
and oppositions. Communion with God makes
bitter things--sweet; and massive things--light.

A man high in communion with God, is a man too big
for temptations to conquer--or troubles to subdue!
Those who have but little communion with God, are
usually as soon conquered as tempted--as soon
vanquished as assaulted.