The rat gets into his belly and eats his entrails

(Thomas Watson, "The Christian Soldier" 1669)

Take heed of a slothful, lazy disposition. A slothful
person would gladly have Heaven—but is loathe to
take it by storm. Sloth is the soul's sleep. Many,
instead of working out salvation, sleep away salvation!
Such as will not labor, must be put at last to beg. They
must beg, as Dives in hell—for one drop of water!

God never made Heaven as a hive for drones!

Sloth is a disease apt to grow upon men—shake it off!

A sluggish ship is a prey to the pirate.
A sluggish soul is a prey to Satan!

When the crocodile sleeps with his mouth open—the
rat gets into his belly and eats his entrails
. Just
so, while men are asleep in sloth—the Devil enters
and devours them!

Our sleeping time is Satan's tempting time!

    ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

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