Instructions for daily conduct

(Mason's Select Remains)

"For you know what instructions we gave you by
 the authority of the Lord Jesus." 1 Thessal. 4:2

1. Make the word of God the rule of all you do.

2. Whatever you do, do it in the strength of Christ.
Without Christ, you can do nothing. Of yourself, you
cannot even think a good thought; but you may do
all things, through Christ strengthening you. Nature
is a dry root—no gracious actions spring from it. Grace
depends on continual supplies from Christ—as of sap
from the root. Be strong in the Lord, and in the power
of His might, and then nothing shall be too hard for
you. All things are possible to him who believes and
relies upon Christ's power.

3. As we are to act by the power of Christ, so we are
to present our services for acceptance in the name of
Christ. The best we can do—needs His intercession,
blood, and merits—to render it acceptable to God. In
the Lord alone—we have righteousness and strength.

4. Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
Selfishness is the natural idolatry of the human heart.
The design and tendency of piety is to take the heart
off self—and set it upon God. That duty which does
not begin and end with God is no part of godliness.
Self must be cast down—and God alone exalted.

5. To spend every day well,
  let your waking thoughts be with God;
  let your fervent prayers ascend in the name of Christ;
  let the Word of God be your counselor;
  let the fear of God be always before your eyes.
In all your actions, let integrity and uprightness preserve
you. Set a watch over your lips, and a guard upon your
spirit, that you be not provoked to anger, nor speak
unadvisedly with your lips.

6. At night, review the actions of the day. Give to God
the glory of what has been good; take shame to yourself
for what has been evil. Review the dispensations of God's
providences—and consider their special meaning and
application. Acknowledge the mercies of God received
through the day. Submit to the afflictions laid upon you.
Commit yourselves afresh to the mercy and protection
of God, through Jesus Christ—that you may be preserved
through the slumbers of the night, and be permitted to
wake in peace—whether it be in earth or heaven.

By these points let every action be examined—
   By whose rule have I acted?
   In whose strength have I acted?
   In whose name have I acted?
   For whose glory have I acted?
   What faith, humility, self-denial, love to God
   and Christ, have there been in my actions?