Could every damned sinner weep a whole ocean!

(Thomas Brooks, "London's Lamentations" 1670)

"They will be tormented day and night forever and ever!"
    Revelation 20:10

Our earthly fires may be quenched and extinguished.
The hottest flames, the greatest conflagrations have
been quenched and extinguished by water. Fires on
our hearths and in our chimneys often die and go out
by themselves. Our fire is maintained with wood—and
put out with water. But the fire of hell never goes out;
it can never be quenched. It is . . .
  an everlasting fire,
  an eternal fire,
  an unquenchable fire!

In Mark 9 from verse 43 to verse 49, this fire is five
times said to be unquenchable—as if the Lord could
never speak enough of it. Beloved, the Holy Spirit is
never guilty of idle repetitions; but by these frequent
repetitions, the Holy Spirit would awaken men, and
teach them to look upon hell as a real thing, and as
a serious thing, and not sport with unquenchable
flames—nor go to hell in a dream!

Certainly the fire into which the damned shall be cast
shall be without all intermission of time or punishment.
No tears, nor blood, nor time—can extinguish the fire
of hell. Could every damned sinner weep a whole
—yet all those oceans of tears together, would
never extinguish one spark of infernal fire!

The damned are in "everlasting chains of darkness;"
they are under the "vengeance of eternal fire;"
they are "in blackness of darkness forever."

Said a poor despairing creature on his deathbed,
"Oh, that word 'forever'—breaks my heart!"

The damned in hell would gladly die—but they cannot.
They shall be always a-dying—yet never dead.
They shall be always a-consuming—yet never consumed.

"The smoke of their torment rises forever and ever!"
    Revelation 14:11

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The quotes from the last few days have been gleaned
from the chapter, "The fire of hell" MUST reading!