One puddle, if we wallow in it

(Brooks, "The Golden Key to Open Hidden Treasures")

One sin stripped the fallen angels of all their glory.

One sin stripped our first parents of all their dignity
and excellency.

One fly in the box of precious ointment spoils the
whole box.

One thief may rob a man of all his treasure.

One disease may deprive a man of all his health.

One millstone will sink a man to the bottom of
the sea, as well as a hundred.

One puddle, if we wallow in it—will defile us.
Just so, one sin allowed and lived in—will make
a man miserable forever.

Some will leave all their sins but one. Satan can hold
a man fast enough by one sin which he allows and lives
in—as the fowler can hold the bird fast enough by one
wing or by one claw.

Satan is content that men should yield to God in many
things—provided that they will be but true to Satan in
some one thing. The devil knows very well, that as one
grain of poison may poison a man, and one stab at the
heart may kill a man—just so, one sin unrepented of,
one sin allowed, retained, cherished, and practiced
—will certainly damn a man.

Though all the parts of a man's body are healthy,
except only one part—that one diseased and ulcerous
part may be deadly to you. Just so, one sin allowed,
indulged, and lived in—will prove killing and damning
to you.

It is horrid hypocrisy, damnable folly, and astonishing
impudency—for a man to beg the pardon of those very
sins which he is resolved never to forsake.

These things should be frequently and seriously thought
of, by such poor fools as are entangled by any lust.