It was the golden link of love!

(Brooks, "The Golden Key to Open Hidden Treasures")

"May you have power to grasp how wide and long and
 high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this
 love that surpasses knowledge." Ephesians 3:18-19

Oh, such was Christ's transcendent love—that man's extreme
misery could not abate it. The deploredness of man's condition
did but heighten the holy flame of Christ's love. It is as high
as heaven, who can reach it? It is as low as hell, who can
understand it?

Heaven, with all its glory, could not contain Him. Neither
could all hell's torments make Him refrain! Such was His
perfect matchless love to fallen and miserable man. That
Christ's love should extend to the ungodly, to sinners, to
enemies who were in rebellion against Him; yes, not only
so—but that He should hug them in His arms, lodge them
in His bosom—is the highest degree of love!

It is astonishing . . .
  that Christ should come from the eternal bosom
     of His Father—to a region of sorrow and death;
  that God—should be manifested in the flesh;
  that the Creator—should made a creature;
  that He who was clothed with glory—should be
     wrapped with rags of flesh;
  that He who filled heaven—should be cradled
     in a feeding trough;
  that the God of strength—should be weary;
  that the judge of all men—should be condemned;
  that the God of life—should be put to death.

That He would do all this for man, for fallen man,
for miserable man, for worthless man—is beyond
all conception!

The sharp sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ, from
the cradle to the cross, does above all other things,
speak out the transcendent love of Jesus Christ to
poor sinners.

That wrath, that great wrath, that fierce wrath, that
wrath, that infinite wrath, that matchless wrath
of an angry God—which was so terribly impressed
upon the soul of Christ—all this wrath He patiently
underwent, that sinners might be saved, and that
"He might bring many sons unto glory."

Oh wonder at the greatness of His love—which made
our dear Lord Jesus lay down His life—to save us from
hell, and to bring us to heaven! Oh unspeakable love!

It was the golden link of love, which alone fastened
Christ to the cross, and made Him die freely for us!

Christ's love is beyond all measure, for . . .
  time did not begin it, and time shall never end it;
  place does not bound it;
  sin does not exceed it;
  tongues cannot express it;
  minds cannot conceive it.

Well may we spend all our days in admiring and adoring
of Christ's wonderful love—and be always ravished with
the thoughts of it.

"May you experience the love of Christ, though it is so
 great you will never fully understand it." Ephes. 3:19