What do you now think of the delights of sin?

(Thomas Doolittle, "How we should eye eternity, that
it may have its due influence upon us in all we do

Death is our passing out of time into eternity.

Death is dreadful to the ungodly, because it opens the
door into everlasting misery. Did you who are yet Christless,
impenitent, and unbelieving, see where you are going, and
where you must within a little time take up your everlasting
lodgings--what fear and trembling would seize upon you!
Before your bodies are carried by men unto your graves,
your souls will be dragged by devils into hell! If you sleep
on in sin until you die, you will be awakened by the
flames of hell!

Sin would plunge you into unseen, eternal torments,
into endless flames and everlasting burnings. If you
could speak with a soul departed into hell but a month
ago, and ask him, "What do you now think of the
delights of sin
, of your pleasant cups and delightful
games, of your pleasing of the flesh, and gratifying of
its lusts?"

What a sad reply would he return, and what a doleful
answer would he make! "Sin! O sin was my ruin! It
was sin which has brought me (miserable wretch!) to
everlasting torment! It was sin which shut me out of
heaven--and sank me down to hell! The devil showed
me the delights of sin--but concealed from me the
extremity and eternity of the pain which sin has
brought me to! The pleasure is past--but the
pain continues
, and I am lost forever! All this
sin has brought me to!"