If this does not humble you

(Thomas Brooks, "The Unsearchable Riches of Christ")

Dwell much upon the greatness of God's mercy and
goodness to you. Nothing humbles and breaks the
heart, like God's mercy and love. In Luke 7, the Lord
Jesus shows mercy to that notorious sinner, and then
she falls down at His feet, and loves much and weeps
much, etc.

Oh, if ever you would have your souls kept humble,
dwell upon the free grace and love of God to you in
Christ! Dwell upon . . .
  the firstness of His love,
  the freeness of His love,
  the greatness of His love,
  the fullness of His love,
  the unchangeableness of His love,
  the everlastingness of His love, and
  the ardency of His love.
If this does not humble you
, there is nothing
on earth which will do it. Dwell upon what God has
undertaken for you. Dwell upon the choice and
worthy gifts which He has bestowed on you. Dwell
upon that eternal glory and happiness which He has
prepared for you--and then be proud if you can.