The more vile Christ made Himself for us The happy exchange

(Thomas Brooks, "A String of Pearls" A sermon
 preached in London in 1657, at the funeral
 of that triumphant saint, Mrs. Mary Blake)

I heartily wish that all who are concerned in
this sad loss, were more taken up in minding
the happy exchange
which Mary has made,
than with your present loss.

She has exchanged:
  earth--for heaven,
  a wilderness--for a paradise,
  a prison--for a palace,
  a house made with hands--for one eternal in the heavens,
  imperfection--for perfection,
  sighing--for singing,
  mourning--for rejoicing,
  petitions--for praises,
  the society of sinful mortals--for the company of God,
  pain--for ease,
  sickness--for health,
  a bed of weakness--for a bed of spices,
  her brass--for silver,
  her pennies--for gold,
  her earthly contentments--for heavenly enjoyments,
  an imperfect, transient enjoyment of God--for a more
  clear, full, perfect, and permanent enjoyment of God.

And as I desire that one of your eyes may be fixed upon
her happiness--so I desire that your other eye may be
fixed upon Christ's fullness. Though your brook be dried
up, yet Christ the fountain of light, life, love, grace, glory,
comfort, joy, goodness, sweetness and satisfaction--is still
at hand--and always full and flowing--yes, overflowing!

As the worth and value of many pieces of silver is contracted
in one piece of gold--so all the sweetness, all the goodness,
all the excellencies which are in husbands, wives, children,
friends, etc., are concentrated in Christ! Yes, all the whole
volume of perfections which is spread through heaven and
earth--is epitomized in Christ!

Oh, that your hearts and thoughts were thus busied about
Christ, and taken up with Christ, and with those treasures
of wisdom, knowledge, grace, goodness, sweetness, etc.,
which are in Him! This would very much allay your grief and
sorrow, and keep your hearts quiet and silent before the Lord.