Dolls and rattles

(Thomas Brooks, "The Unsearchable Riches of Christ")

The thoughts and hearts of weak Christians are more
taken up with the good things they have from Christ--
than with Christ Himself. Oh, their graces, their comforts,
their enlargements, their meltings, and their warmings,
are the things which most absorb them. Their thoughts
and hearts are so exercised about these things--that
Christ Himself is much neglected by them.

The child is so absorbed with dolls and rattles,
that the mother is not thought of. And such is
the behavior of weak Christians towards Christ.

Those who are strong in grace are more taken up with
Christ Himself, than they are with His love-tokens. They
bless Christ indeed for every grain of grace--but Christ
Himself is more to them than all these. Christ is the
most sparkling diamond in the ring of glory!