Paulinus Nolanus

("The Mute Christian Under the Smarting Rod"
 or, "The Silent Soul with Sovereign Antidotes"
 by Thomas Brooks, 1659, London.)

Paulinus Nolanus, when his city was taken from
him, prayed thus, "Lord, let me not be troubled at
the loss of my gold, silver, honor--for You are all,
and much more than all these unto me!"

Christian! In the absence of all your sweetest
enjoyments, Christ will be all in all unto you!

"My jewels are my husband," said one.

"My ornaments are my two sons," said another.

"My treasures are my friends," said yet another.

And so may a Christian, under his greatest losses
say--"Christ is my richest jewels, my chief treasures,
my best ornaments, my sweetest delights! What all
these things are to a carnal heart, to a worldly heart
--that and more--is Christ to me!"

"Christ is all!" Colossians 3:11