He awoke with everlasting flames about his ears!

(Thomas Brooks, "The Transcendent Excellency of
 a Believer's Portion above All Earthly Portions")

Earthly riches commonly load the soul with a multitude of
cares, fears, griefs, and vexations--which mightily disturb
the soul, distract the soul; yes, often rack, torture, and
torment the soul.

Earthly riches, for the most part, do a world of mischief
and hurt to their owners. Oh the souls which earthly riches
have pierced through and through with many sorrows!
Oh the minds which earthly riches have blinded!
Oh the hearts which earthly riches have hardened!
Oh the consciences which earthly riches have benumbed!
Oh the wills which earthly riches have perverted!
Oh the affections which earthly riches have disordered!
Oh the lives which earthly riches have corrupted!

Oh the time, the thoughts, the strength, the energy--which
rich men spend and consume upon their riches--while their
precious souls lie a-bleeding to death, and an eternity of
misery is hastening upon them!

Dives was so taken up with his riches, pomp, state, and
with his royal apparel, royal attendance, and royal fare--
that he never minded heaven, nor ever dreaded hell--until
he awoke with everlasting flames about his ears!

When the bodies of the wicked are rotting in their graves,
and their souls are roaring in hell, none of their worldly
greatness, pomp, state, glory, gallantry, riches, houses,
or revenues, shall descend after them to administer one
drop of comfort to them! Therefore never envy their
outward prosperity or worldly glory.

    * * * * * * * * * *

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