Not the doll nor the rattle

(Thomas Brooks, "The Transcendent Excellency of
 a Believer's Portion above All Earthly Portions")

"Whoever loves money never has money enough;
 whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his
 income. This too is meaningless.
" Ecclesiastes 5:10

Worldly portions can never satisfy the souls of men.

Absalom's beauty could not satisfy him.

Haman's honor could not satisfy him.

Ahab's kingdom could not satisfy him.

Balaam's gold could not satisfy him.

Ahithophel's wisdom could not satisfy him.

The pharisees' learning could not satisfy them.

Dives's riches could not satisfy him.  

All the world cannot fill the soul; nor can all the
creatures in the world fill up the soul with complete
satisfaction. Nothing can be the satisfaction of the
soul—but He who made it.

All earthly portions are dissatisfying portions. They
do but vex and fret, gall and grieve, tear and torment
—the souls of men. The world is a circle, and the heart
of man is a triangle—and no triangle can fill a circle.
Some good or other will be always lacking to that man
who has only outward good to live upon.

The soul can never be at rest, until it comes to rest and
center in God. God Himself is the soul's only home. No
good but the chief Good, can suffice an immortal soul.

It is the breast—and not the doll nor the rattle—which
will satisfy the hungry babe. And it is God, and not this
or that creature—which will satisfy the soul of man.