Your beauty, strength, and fine attire

(Ebenezer Erskine, "The groans of believers under their burdens")

Their great concern of the worldling is about this clay tabernacle--
how to gratify it, how to beautify and adorn it. Their language is,
"Who will show us any good? What shall we eat? What shall we
drink? How shall we be clothed?" But they have no thought or
concern about the immortal soul which inhabits the body, which
must be happy or miserable forever. O, sirs! Remember, that
whatever care you take about this clay tabernacle, it will drop
down to dust before long, and the abhorrent grave will be its
habitation, where worms and corruption will prey upon the
fairest face and purest complexion. Where will be your beauty,
strength, and fine attire
, when the curtains of the grave are
drawn about you?