Just give me Jesus!

(Anne Lotz)

He is enduringly strong.

He is entirely sincere.

He is eternally steadfast.

He is immortally gracious.

He is imperially powerful.

He is impartially merciful.

He is the greatest phenomena that has
  ever crossed the horizon of the globe.

He is God's Son.

He is the sinner's Savior.

He is the captive's ransom.

He is the breath of life.

He is the centerpiece of civilization.

He stands in the solitude of Himself.

He is august, and He is unique.

He is unparalleled, and He is unprecedented.

He is undisputed, and He is undefiled.

He is unsurpassed, and He is unshakable.

He is the loftiest idea in philosophy.

He is the highest personality in psychology.

He is the supreme subject in literature.

He is the fundamental doctrine of theology.

He is the corner-stone, the cap-stone,
  the stumbling-stone of all religion.

He is the miracle of the ages.

Just give me Jesus!