The unanswerable question

(Gleanings from the Inner Life of Ruth Bryan)

"Why me?" This is the unanswerable question--
the wonder of wonders! I, a weak, low, vile, wandering
worm--filled with Your love, ravished with Your beauty!
It is all of grace! To God be all the glory!

Oh, my precious Lord, I am overwhelmed in, and
by, Your love! You have freed me from my sin and
its punishment--by taking them upon Yourself! And
You have prepared me for Yourself--by putting Your
perfect loveliness upon me!

You have overcome me, You ravish my heart!

I thirst with intense and increased ardency, for
unfoldings of the personal glories of my precious
Christ, who is, indeed, "more precious than rubies."

Precious Lord, You are my rest, my happiness, and
You are all-sufficient. Hold me to You, nor let me
wander more.