Content his soul with earth's poor dust

(Charles Spurgeon, December 31, 1871)

There is a joy of divine origin--"The joy of the Lord."
Springing from the Lord as its source, it will necessarily
be of a very elevated character. Since man fell in the
garden, he has too often sought for his enjoyments
where the serpent finds his. It is written, "You will
crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the
days of your life.
" This was the serpent's doom; and
man, with infatuated ambition, has tried to find his
delight in his sensual appetites, and to content his
soul with earth's poor dust

But the joys of time cannot satisfy an undying nature,
and when a soul is once quickened by the eternal Spirit,
it can no more fill itself with worldly mirth, or even with
the common enjoyments of life--than can a man snuff
up wind and feed thereon. But, beloved, we are not left
to search for joy; it is brought to our doors by the love
of God our Father--joy refined and satisfying, befitting
immortal spirits!

God has not left us to wander among those unsatisfactory
things which mock the chase which they invite. He has
given us appetites which carnal things cannot
, and He has provided suitable satisfaction for
those appetites. He has stored up at His right hand
pleasures for evermore, which even now He reveals
by His Spirit to those chosen ones whom He has
taught to long for them.