The death of my dear wife

(James Meikle , "A Periodic Interview with the
 King of Terrors" November 6, 1781. Meikle
 was a surgeon. His wife died on October 14.)

Two weeks ago I took off a poor patient's leg,
with a view to preserve life and recover health.
The operation was painful and much dreaded,
but now seeming to do well, is approved of.

Infinite wisdom, then, in the death of my
dear wife
, has noble ends in view--
  to wean me from the world,
  to loosen my affections from the creature,
  to preserve the graces in my soul alive,
  to prepare me for death,
  to ripen me for glory.

O! then, as I am walking on the brink of eternity
--may my meditation soar toward eternal things,
and may my latter end never be out of my mind.