Enchanting trifles

(James Meikle, "Converse with the Unseen World")

Never shall I attain to happiness, while I seek it in
the creature, or expect it outside of heaven! O how
little concern should I have with the things of time,
who am so far on my journey towards eternity!

When the world gets into the affections, there
is nothing but tumult and disorder there; this I have
long found. But when heaven dwells within, the
heart becomes a little heaven, and all is peace and
serenity, composure and joy. O! then, to keep the
heart barred against enchanting trifles, and to
live above everything below. At the hour of death,
I shall make my triumphant entry into the New
Jerusalem, and from the walls of the holy city
I shall bid defiance to all . . .
  the cares of life,
  the pleasures of sense,
  my indwelling corruptions,
  and the legions of hell.