Peevish for toys and trifles

(James Meikle, "
Solitude Sweetened")

O for what trifles, will men cast away
their precious souls!

It is proper only to children, not to men--to be
peevish for toys and trifles
. So let the men of
this world lament the loss of worldly vanities. But
let the heirs of God, the joint-heirs with Christ,
rejoice that the treasures of eternity are theirs!

"But blessed are your eyes, for they see."
Happy are those who have the eyes of their
mind opened, and clearly see . . .
  the deformity of sin,
  the beauty of holiness,
  the excellency of piety,
  the necessity of the new birth,
  the preciousness of Christ,
  the glory of eternal realities.

I see the mutable and fickle state of temporal
things, and therefore hold a loose grip on the
creature, however dear, however near--and
set my affections on things which are above!