Lawful recreations

(James Meikle, "A Periodic Interview with
the King of Terrors" March 3, 1778)

Time is one of the talents put into every man's hand,
and is more precious than we are well aware of.

To prepare for death, and to improve for eternity--may
well employ our time though ever so long. O! then, how
may my heart weep to think how much precious time
I have trifled away!
O to be wise in all time coming!

Lawful recreations are allowed by God. But in this,
how soon may we go beyond what is lawful! Too much
pleasure in them, too much time spent about them--
spoils all. When our amusements become a part of
our employment, or call us away from something more
necessary or noble--it is high time to drop them altogether!