Dancing to destruction!

(James Meikle, "The Traveler" 1730-1799)

How should I hate sin, when I see . . .
  how guilty it makes the soul,
  how it debases even unto hell,
  how the longer the captive lies in its chains--the
    fetters grow stronger, and the captive weaker;
  how it kindles hell,
  how scatters brimstone over the body,
  how makes the language of the pit spew from the tongue,
  how makes its victims restless in its pursuit!

In a word, sin . . .
  despises divine things,
  proclaims rebellion against Heaven,
  and wages war against God!

Sin is that poison that makes a man go laughing
to death--and dancing to destruction! Then,
let my soul weep in secret places for those who
cannot pity themselves, nor show compassion
on their own souls, but . . .
  live in a dream,
  die in darkness, and
  plunge into despair!