They dance after pleasure's bubble In the profound depth of affliction

(James Meikle, "Solitude Sweetened" 1730-1799)

Christians, when shut up in the depths of affliction,
have their eyes on God alone, who can bring them
out of the horrible pit, out of the miry clay. Then their
thoughts ascend to heaven, and heaven shines down
into their souls; while the world, in all its glittering
vanities which strike the carnal eye--is cut off.

In the dark night of adversity, there are spiritual
beauties seen, which were never seen in the broad
day of prosperity. O desirable distress! which discloses
and magnifies heavenly excellences--and diminishes
earthly vanities!

In no place better than in the profound depth of
, does the heir of future glory see . . .
  the love, the goodness, the mercy, the wisdom of God,
  the excellency of true religion,
  the beauty of divine things,
  the danger of prosperity,
  the deceitfulness of riches,
  the vanity of created things,
  the happiness of the world to come.