Beware then of the vortex of worldliness!

(Archibald Alexander, "Counsels of the Aged to the Young" 1844)

Another danger against which you must be watchful is pleasure
--sensual pleasure. Worldly amusements, however innocent
they may appear, are replete with hidden dangers! These scenes
exhilarate the spirits, and excite the imagination--until 'reason'
and 'conscience' are hushed, and the real end of living is forgotten.

For the sake of pleasure, everything important and sacred is
neglected--and the most valuable part of human life wasted
in unprofitable engagements. Beware then of the vortex
of worldliness
, and especially of the least approach towards
the 'gulf of intemperance'. On that slippery ground, many
strong men have fallen, never to rise.

The trophies of this insidious and destructive vice, are widely
spread on every side; and the wise and the godly have come
to the conclusion that there is no effectual security against
this enemy, but in a resolute and persevering abstinence.

Seek your happiness, dear youth, in the pursuit of useful
objects and in the performance of duty--and then you will
be safe, and will have no reason to envy the votaries of
sensual pleasure.