Altogether lovely!

("Solitude Sweetened" by James Meikle, 1730-1799)

"Yes, He is altogether lovely! This is my Beloved,
 and this is my Friend!" (Song of Solomon 5:16)

Why does the world reject the Savior of the world?
Why do they abhor Him who is altogether lovely,
and hate Him who is the best Friend of mankind?

O men of the world! what good can you desire which
is not in Christ? The excellencies of earth are but His
footstool; the excellencies of heaven are but His
throne! How excellent, then, must He himself be!

His treasures are infinite--and open for you!

In Jesus are . . .
  riches--if you are poor;
  honor--if you are despised;
  friendship--if you are forsaken;
  help--if you are injured;
  mercy--if you are miserable;
  joy--if you are disconsolate;
  protection--if you are in danger;
  deliverance--if you are a captive;
  life--if you are mortal;
  and all things--if you have nothing at all.

Time and eternity are His! He can give
you all the glorious things of eternity!

Moreover, He can deliver you . . .
  from all your fears;
  from sin--the worst of all evils;
  from self--the most hurtful of all companions;
  from death--the most dreadful of all changes;
  from Satan--the most subtle of all enemies;
  from hell--the most horrible of all prisons; and
  from wrath--the most horrifying doom of all sinners!

Now, where will you find such a one as Jesus?

Why, then, refuse life, and seek after death?

All heaven is enamored with His beauty!

The longer we look on 'created gaieties', the leaner
and less lovely they grow; so that, by the time we
have viewed them forty, fifty, or sixty years--we
see nothing but vanity in the creature! But when
ten thousand ages are employed in beholding the
perfection and beauty of Jesus--He still appears
more and more lovely--even altogether lovely!

Alas! I can say nothing of His true excellencies!
They overwhelm my laboring thought, and are
too vast for my feeble conception to bring forth!