Our best Friend

(Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects)

Our best Friend, our sympathizing Friend in
heaven, has an inexpressible fellow-feeling with
us in all our miseries of soul and body.

What wondrous grace is this!

It is a bright display . . .
  of the Savior's goodness,
  of His tender mercy,
  of His love which passes knowledge!

We have in the love of Christ . . . .
  a sweet soft bosom to rest our weary heads,
  an open ear to all our requests,
  a flowing heart to relieve us in difficulties,
  and an almighty hand to supply all our needs.

No indulgent father--no compassionate mother
--nor countless numbers of them, were all their
affections united in one person--has or could have
a thousandth part of that sympathy to a beloved
sick child--which Jesus has with us, His sick children.

Yes, with us! though we are rebellious children!

For we are dear unto Him--ineffably dear children
from the infinity of His tender mercy; from His
all-endearing love, that has in it neither bottom,
nor bound, nor end!