He is tossed from vanity to vanity

(William Plumer, "
Contentment" 1864)

"What shadows we are--and what shadows we pursue!"

"Humility is the mother of contentment."

"Those who realize that they deserve nothing,
will be content with anything."

When we become lifted up with pride, and think
we deserve something good at God's hands--it is
impossible to satisfy us. But with the humble is
wisdom, quietness, gentleness and contentment.
He who expects nothing, because he deserves
nothing, is sure to be satisfied with the treatment
he receives at God's hands.

The proud man is like a bullock unaccustomed to
the yoke. He is turbulent and fiery. He alienates
friends; he makes enemies. He has much trouble
and sorrow--where the humble man passes quietly
along. Pride and contentment do not go together.
Neither do contentment and carnal ambition. "Do
you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not!"
(Jeremiah 45:5)

Our actual needs are not many; but the ambitious
create a thousand desires and demands, which are
hard, if not impossible to meet.

He who is carnally ambitious, will not be content with
whatever he gains, because each elevation widens his
horizon, and gives him a view of something else which
he greatly longs for. And so he is tossed from vanity
to vanity
--a stranger to solid peace.

Are you ambitious for the things of this world?
Then you are your own tormentor!