A new existence I know everything about every one of them!

(J. C. Ryle, "The Privileges of the True Christian")

"My sheep hear my voice, and
I know them,
 and they follow Me." (John 10:27)

The Lord Jesus Christ says of His sheep who hear His
voice and follow Him, "
I know them." I know . . .
  their number,
  their names,
  their particular characters,
  their besetting sins,
  their troubles,
  their trials,
  their temptations,
  their doubts,
  their prayers,
  their private meditations.
I know everything about every one of them!

Be comforted, all you who are tried and buffeted
with difficulties in your way towards heaven,
difficulties from without and difficulties from within,
difficulties abroad and difficulties at home, grief for
your own sins and grief for the sins of others--the
Good Shepherd Jesus knows you well, though you
may not realize it.

You never shed a secret tear over your own corruption,
you never breathed a single prayer for forgiveness and
helping grace, you never made a single struggle against
wickedness--which He did not observe and note down in
the book of His remembrance.

You need not fear His not understanding your needs.
He knows your particular necessities far better than
you do yourselves. Your humble prayers are no sooner
offered up than heard. You may sometimes sigh and
mourn for lack of Christian fellowship--but remember
that the Good Shepherd is ever about your path and
about your bed. His eyes are on all your movements.
No husband, brother, father, mother, sister, friend,
could take more tender interest in your soul's welfare
than He does. If you sorrow He will bind up your
broken heart and pour in balm. He is ever watching
and observing and listening. The Good Shepherd is
acquainted with all your ways.