Guilt, filth, power, love and practice

(J. C. Philpot)

"Arise, Lord! Save me, my God!" (Psalm 3:7)

If you know anything for yourself inwardly
and experimentally of . . .
  the evils of your heart,
  the power of sin,
  the strength of temptation,
  the subtlety of your unwearied foe, and
  that daily conflict between nature and grace,
the flesh and the spirit, which is the peculiar mark
of the living family of God--you will find and feel
your need of salvation as a daily reality!

Do not think that the only salvation to be felt and
known is salvation past--salvation accomplished by
the blood-shedding and death of the Son of God.
There is salvation present--an inward, experimental,
and continual salvation communicated out of the
fullness of Christ as a risen Mediator.

Don't you need to be daily and almost hourly saved?
But from what? Why, from everything in you that fights
against the will and word of God. Sin is not dead in you.
You ar not free from the indwelling of sin, nor from the
power of sin either--except as grace gives you present
deliverance from it. Sin still works in your carnal mind,
and will work in it until your dying hour. What then you
need to be saved from is the guilt, filth, power, love
and practice
of indwelling sin.

"Hold me up, and I shall be safe!" (Psalm 119:117)