Better than a ton of gold!

Better than a ton of gold!

(John Angell James)

A grain of saving faith is better than a ton of gold,
for it secures an inheritance in all the unsearchable
riches of Christ, of grace, and of glory! It justifies,
sanctifies, and eternally saves!

Learn to think less and less of the wealth of this world,
and more and more of the unsearchable riches of Christ!

Lower the estimate which pride and vanity form of
the importance of worldly distinctions. How dim, how
worthless, does everything earthly appear when seen
in the sunlight of the cross!

It is by losing sight of Jesus, by living so far from
Him, by forgetting Him--that we let the world get
so much the upper hand of us.

We must meditate more upon the cross.

We must dwell more upon Calvary.

We must be more familiar with the crucified One.