Death to the Christian

(Lewis Bayly, "The Practice of Piety" 1611)

Death to the Christian is nothing else but to
rest from his labor in this world--to go home to
his Father's house!

Oh, what joy will it be to your soul, which was
accustomed to see nothing but misery and sinners
on earth--now to behold the face of the God of
glory! Yes, to see Christ welcoming you, as soon
as you are presented before Him by the holy
angels, with a "Well done! Welcome good and
faithful servant! Enter into your Master's joy!"

And what joy will this be--to behold all the souls
of your friends, parents, husbands, wives, children,
and the rest of God's saints, who departed before
you in the true faith of Christ--standing before
God's throne in bliss and glory!

O what thanks and praise will you have, that,
by God's grace, you have escaped . . .
  all the miseries of the world,
  all the snares of the devil,
  all the pains of hell,
and received eternal rest and happiness!