A powerful, operative, abiding principle

("The Duty of Seeking the Things Which are
 Jesus Christ's" by David Black, 1762-1806)

"If anyone does not love the Lord, a curse be on him."
1 Corinthians 16:22

And many, alas! in every age, who are called by
the name of Christ, and with their mouths show
much love, plainly discover by their conduct that
the world has the chief place in their heart!

No temper or disposition of mind is more frequently
spoken of in scripture, as characteristic of a real
Christian, than love to Christ. It is of the very nature
and essence of true religion. Love to Christ, proceeding
from faith in Him, is something more than a transient
glow of affection. It is something more than saying
unto Christ, 'Lord, Lord,' which many do, who in works
deny him. Genuine love to Christ is a powerful,
operative, abiding principle
. It is the spring of all
acceptable obedience, the grand incentive to the
practice of everything that is true, and honest, and
just, and pure, and lovely, and of good report. For
the love of Christ constrains us--it impels us forward,
and bears us on in its own course, like a mighty
t which carries all before it.