How can I flaunt myself proudly?
(A Puritan Prayer)

Merciful Father,
Do not let pride swell my heart. My body is made from
the mire beneath my feet, the dust to which I shall return.
In body I am no better than the vilest reptile. Whatever
difference of form and intellect is mine, is a free grant of
Your goodness.

Base as I am as a creature, I am lower as a sinner.
Sin's deformity . . .
  is stamped upon me,
  darkens my brow,
  touches me with corruption.

How can I flaunt myself proudly?

Lowest abasement is my due place, for I am less
than nothing before You. Help me to see myself in
Your sight, then pride must wither, decay, die,

Humble my heart before You, and replenish it with
Your choicest gifts. Keep me humble, meek, lowly.