All others are walking to perdition!

(J. A. James, "The Character and Translation of Enoch")

"Enoch walked with God." (Genesis 5:24)

Walking with God! Is this our religion? Does this
aptly set forth our life? It makes no difference . . .
  to which church we belong,
  nor what creed we adopt,
  nor what ceremonies we profess,
  nor what zeal for religious things we have
--if we are not walking with God!

Reconciliation with Him through faith in our Lord Jesus
Christ; a habitual acting as in His sight and with a view to
His approbation, and a life of devotional communion with
Him--is true religion--in whomever or wherever found.

Walking with God! Is this religion ours?

Do we intelligently, experimentally, know the meaning
of that phrase--walking with God? Let us set it down
before us, look at it, ponder it, and never cease to
study it, until we know its meaning, and feel its force!

None are walking to heaven, but those who are walking
with God! All others are walking to perdition! We
hear a great deal about other things that are connected
with religion--its doctrines, its forms, its creeds--but
walking with God is true religion. If we know nothing
of this, we know nothing of true piety!

It is walking with God--and not any external matter,
that distinguishes the real from the nominal Christian!

And it 'close walking with God' which distinguishes the
earnest Christian from the comparatively lukewarm one.
The earnest Christian walks closely with God, presses,
so to speak, to his very side; while the other, like Peter,
during his season of cowardice, follows afar off.

"Walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6:8)