There is wondrous power in it!

(John Angell James, "Happiness")

Saving faith has a great influence on all one's
feelings, actions, and character. Though there is
no merit in faith--there is wondrous power in it!
Faith is the inlet both of happiness and holiness
to the soul. To believe that the eternal God . . .
  is reconciled to us,
  pardons all our sins,
  receives us to His special favor,
  gives us a title to eternal life,
must from necessity be a source of ineffable
delight, and the cause of an entire change in
all our tastes, pursuits, and character!

True faith in Christ is . . .
  the foundation of the believer's happiness,
  the means of his holiness,
  the spring of all his actions,
  the true basis of his character.