So hideous and so dreadful is the offspring!

(John Angell James, "Sorrow for the Death of Friends")

How dreadful is the nature of sin! Sin is the parent of death.
Death the first-born of sin. What must be the parent--when
so hideous and so dreadful is the offspring! Who can
have watched the harbingers of death--the groans, the pains,
the dying strife--without being struck with the fearful nature
of man's revolt from God?

Death in itself, and by itself--is horrid and revolting! To see
all this inflicted upon a Christian, a child of God, an heir of
glory; to see no way even to the kingdom of God, to the
realms of immortality--but this dark valley of corruption,
earth, and worms--this gives us a most impressive idea
of the dreadful nature of sin! How such scenes should
enlarge our views of the malignity of sin, and embitter
our hearts against it!

O sin, sin--what have you done!