Gathering around the very cradle of his infant!

(J. A. James, "Parental Desire, Duty, & Encouragement")

The godly parent reflects on the destiny of that being which
with rapture, he calls his child. He penetrates the disguise
which the 'helplessness and unconsciousness of infancy'
seem to have thrown around that child, and discovers the
grandeur and the dignity of an immortal being! He sees in
his countenance, that face which is to shine like the sun in
the skies with the glory of God--OR to be clouded with the
infamy and horror of the divine curse! He hears a voice
which is to be forever hymning the praises of its Creator
--OR to be forever venting blasphemies against its Judge!

In short, he contemplates a being born for eternity; one
who will be forever towering from height to height of glory
in heaven--OR sinking from gulf to gulf of despair in hell!

He reflects that his child is born with the latent seeds
of sinful corruption in his nature, which await only the
advancing 'spring of life' to vegetate, to strike root, to
spring up under the fatal warmth of temptation, and
bear the bitter fruits of rebellion against God.

He sees, in imagination, the world, the flesh and the
, gathering around the very cradle of his infant,
fixing their murderous eyes upon his immortal soul and
going out to prepare for his ruin!

He realizes that his child possesses an immortal soul,
which is in danger of being forever undone! To desire
anything for him less than the salvation of his child's
immortal soul, is cruelty of the blackest kind!