The desire of our soul

J. C. Philpot)

"The desire of our soul is to Your Name, and
 to the remembrance of You." Isaiah 26:8

How sweet and expressive is the phrase, "The desire
of our soul
!" How it seems to carry our feelings with it!
How it seems to describe the longings and utterings of
a soul into which God has breathed the spirit of grace
and mercy!

The breathing of our heart,
the cry, the sigh, the panting of our new nature,
the longing of our inmost being, the . . .
    thirstings, and
    ventings forth
of the new man of grace; all are expressed in
those sweet and blessed words, "The desire
of our soul

And what a mercy it is, that there should ever be
in us "the desire" of a living soul; that though the
righteous dealings of God are painful and severe,
running contrary to everything nature loves; yet
that with all these, there should be dropped into
the heart that mercy, love, and grace, which draw
forth the desire of the soul toward the Name of God.

"My soul yearns for You in the night; in the morning
my spirit longs for You!" Isaiah 26:9

Is your soul longing after the Lord Jesus Christ?

Is it ever, in the night season, panting after the
manifestation of His presence? hungering and
thirsting after the dropping of some word from His
lips, some sweet whisper of His love to your soul?

These are marks of saving grace. The carnal, the
unregenerate, the ungodly, have no such desires
and feelings as these.