Every child is totally depraved

(J. A. James, "The Sunday School Teacher's Guide" 1816)

It is important for you, in all your exertions, to bear in mind
the total and universal depravity of the human race. By total
, I do not mean that people are as bad as they can
be; for in general they lie under strong restraints--and most
do not sin with reckless abandonment. I do not mean that
they are all equally wicked; for some are less sinful than others.
I do not mean that they are destitute of everything useful, and
lovely in society; for their social affections are often strong and
praiseworthy. I do not mean that their actions are always
wrong; the contrary is manifestly true.

What I mean by total depravity, is an entire destitution in the
human heart by nature--of all spiritual affection, and holy
propensities. In this view, every child is totally depraved.

To change this state of the mind, and produce a holy bias; to
create a new disposition; to turn all the affections into a new
channel, and cause them to flow towards God and heaven, is
the work of the omnipotent and eternal Spirit!