Do you remember little Elizabeth?

(J. A. James, "The Sunday School Teacher's Guide")

"He who wins souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30

My 'imagination' has sometimes presented me with this
picture of a faithful teacher's entrance to the state of her
everlasting rest. The agony of death finished, the triumph of
faith completed--and the conquering spirit hastening to her
crown! Upon the confines of the heavenly world, a divinely
lovely form awaits her arrival. Enrapt in astonishment at the
dazzling glory of this celestial inhabitant, she inquires, "Is
this Gabriel, chief of all the heavenly multitudes--and am
honored with his aid to guide me to the throne of God?"

With a smile of ineffable delight, such as gives fresh beauty
to an angel's countenance, the mystic form replies, "Do you
remember little Elizabeth
, who was in yonder world--a
pupil in your Sunday school class? Do you recollect the child
who wept as you talked to her of sin--and directed her to the
cross of the dying Redeemer? God smiled with approbation
upon your effort, and by His own Spirit sealed the impression
upon her heart in characters never to be effaced. Providence
removed her from beneath your care, before the fruit of your
labor was visible. The gospel seed, however, had taken root,
and it was the privilege of another to water--what you had
sown. Nourished by the influence of heaven, the 'plant of
piety' flourished in her heart, and shed its fragrance upon
her character. Piety, after guarding her from the snares of
youth, cheered her amidst the accumulated trials of an
afflicted life, supported her amidst the agonies of death,
and elevated her to the mansions of immortality! And now
behold before you--the glorified spirit of that poor child,
who, under God, owes the eternal life on which she has
entered--to your faithful labors in the Sunday School; and
who is now sent by our Redeemer to introduce you to the
world of glory, as your first and least reward for guiding the
once thoughtless, ignorant, wicked Elizabeth
to the
world of grace! Hail, happy spirit! Hail, favored of the Lord!
Hail, deliverer of my soul! Hail, to the world of eternal glory!"

I can trace the scene no further! I cannot paint the raptures
produced in the honored teacher's bosom by this unexpected
encounter. I cannot depict the mutual gratitude and love of
two such spirits meeting on the confines of heaven--much
less can I follow them to their everlasting mansion, and
disclose the bliss which they shall enjoy before the throne
of God! All this, and a thousand times more, is attendant
upon the salvation of one single soul! Teachers, what a
motive to diligence!

Amidst surrounding millions, the faithful teacher shall stand
to receive the public plaudits of his Judge and Savior--"In as
much as you have done it unto the least of these My brethren
--you have done it unto Me! Well done, good and faithful
servant, enter into the joy of your Lord!"